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Kill Some Cat-Callers in White Cloud’s Video for “Waves”

FULL DISCLOSURE: I am a woman. This means, I am allowed to say that dudes who think they can cat call girls expecting a positive reaction are really gross, and probably deserve to suffer in an overly dramatic way with a bunch of blood spraying everywhere. Bay Area fourpiece White Cloud seem to think so too, with their comical new video for their new single "Waves." The video, directed by Brian Wakefield, features a few ladies going about their daily routines in San Francisco, getting cat called by some creeps on the street, and killing all of them before they play music together. Note to dudes: Don't mess with us! We may violently run you over with a bike and then *gasp* start a band! 

White Cloud was formed in Oakland back in 2007, with Nick Capello, James Murphy, Clarence Magno, and Shiv Mehra (of Deafheaven and Creepers). They all bonded on their love for various styles of music but settled well into their own mix of 70s krautrock and pop. Since then they have released numerous EPs on their bandcamp and gained recognition for their pop psychedelia in the Bay Area. The band is finally releasing their first five track LP Seven Heads via Popgang Records, recorded with Patrick Spurgeon of Rogue Wave. 

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