Kill J – “Propaganda”

Copenhagen’s fiercest drone-pop mercenary Kill J is back with a new track. “Propaganda” is a bombastic, fangs-bared snarl at sexism twisted into a glassy, sinuous groove. Take everything you know about Scandinavian pop and dip it in darkroom chemicals; Kill J is the monochrome film negative that emerges. “You should be more like those girls in porn,” she chants in morphing, emotionless sex-robot rhythm, before smashing that advice to smithereens on a wave of massive, clattering beats, a Bollywood-inspired refrain and a feral howl.

She wrote a little personal background on some of the lyrics:

Someone once told me:
You will never make it in the business.
You’ve got no fuckability
– too much opinion

I wrote a song about it…

Listen and check out the artwork below.

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