Keep Shelly In Athens – “Benighted” (First Listen)

Keep Shelly In Athens have done a good job of navigating out of the chillwave waters that they were moored to with their debut album. Part of that has to do with the addition of new vocalist Myrtha, and the rest of it just feels like organic growth. “Benighted” follows “Fractals” as the second single from the Greek duo’s sophomore LP, set to be released in the fall, and it’s less dream, more nightmare. In fact, it has a lot in common with witch house, another unfairly maligned and flash-in-the-pan genre from the early ’10s. Deep and sinister pitch-shifted vocals cast shadows on Myrtha’s sweet sound, while gloomy synths and handclaps make up the backdrop. Even though it’s made up of familiar elements, it doesn’t feel like a retread — instead, it acts as an enticing preview of what’s to come. Listen below.

The “Benighted” single is available on iTunes or through Friends Of Friends.

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