Kanye West Working On His New Album In The Mountains Of Wyoming

According to TMZ, Yeezy is lost in the mountains to work on his next album.


The last mystery about Kanye West finally has its explanation. A few days ago, the latter had abandoned all social networks. Digital tools which the rapper was a big fan. Twitter compulsive, the latter spent his time swaying anything and everything on the web, such as messages of support to Donald Trump.
All the while obviously promoting his music and his collections for the German firm Adidas. Yes, if Kim Kardashian’s husband has been isolated, it is to cut himself off from the world. Indeed, according to TMZ, the latter would have isolated in the mountain like a hermit to compose a new album.


Now accustomed to the city’s own valleys of Calabasas, celebrity enclave located in California, Kanye has vanished to concentrate again on his music. He’s gone to one of the States less known of the USA, Wyoming. A state bordered by Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Utah, Nebraska and South Dakota, which is the least populated country with only 563,626 inhabitants. What to find finally a little calm, far from worldliness, paparazzi, the whims of his wife and others.


Far from those things that can derail his genius, will Yeezy come to be sufficiently serene to soon unveil a Dantesque album? That’s what everyone seems to be waiting for. Remember, at the end of last year, Kanye West had been the victim of a sacred burnout and had to be hospitalized urgently.

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