Julian Casablancas Wants You To Watch This New Version Of Inheaven’s “Regeneration” Video

Inheaven are a London band whose music immediately gripped me — I love that feeling. Their debut single “Regeneration” is steeped in snarled aggression and shattering moments of guitar-driven choruses that rarely work at all anymore. Inheaven’s worked. We premiered their VCR-blender video for “Regeneration” and then came the slug-slime crawl of B-side “Slow,” a song that made white noise feel fluffy, airless and oppressive, especially in its sepia video. In both songs, the band stabilized their guttural noise with swathes of gossamer female harmonies, and that balancing act that became the heart of their appeal.

That’s Inheaven’s backstory up until today, when we got the news that Julian Casablancas saw the video for “Regeneration” and was intrigued. In fact, he was so intrigued that he got his label Cult Records onboard to co-release Inheaven’s initial single. In that spirit of enthusiasm, Cult Records is also releasing an alternate take on the video, which we’re premiering below. Regardless, Inheaven’s visceral, kinetic energy is assuming a life of its own. Watch the new clip below.

Also, for the first time, here’s a picture of Inheaven:

The “Regeneration” b/w “Slow” single is out today in North America via Cult/B3SCI.

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