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Jerry Folk Will Make You “Desire” Him Even More With His New Remix

Jerry Folk has his own style. It teeters between the genres of nu-disco, deep house, disco house, indie house, and even a little tropical house. However, his style is so unique and such a hodgepodge of so many influence that it truly is his own. In Folk’s newest remix of Years & Years “Desire,” this is clearer than ever.

Instilling a brisk initial pace, the verses stand out due to Folk’s arrangement of a pulsating bass that keeps the mood a little down. But he rapidly picks up the pace, and sends us into a whirl of disco rhythms and glittering note trickles perfect for the dance floor. He may have been later to the game on remixing Years & Years, but Jerry Folk definitely earns a spot atop our favorite remixes of the British trio. Check it out below and download it now.


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