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Jenny Death Soon? Dutch Retailer Posts Clips From New Death Grips Album

As always, take all Death Grips news with a grain of salt, but this sure seems like it’s the real thing. A Dutch retailer called Bol has listed a CD version of the group’s highly anticipated, oft-teased “final” album The Powers That B, which wouldn’t be that big of a deal except here’s the kicker: They’ve also posted short 30-second audio clips of each of the ten new tracks from Jenny Death, the unreleased second half of the double album. They’re still unconfirmed but, to my ears, they certainly sound like new Death Grips (or at least really good imitators). The website lists the street date for the new record as 3/27, just a few days before the originally speculated date of 3/31. Listen to the new song clips here (at least until they’re taken down) and check out the supposed tracklist below.

01 “I Break Mirrors With My Face In The United States”
02 “Inanimate Sensation”
03 “Turned Off”
04 “Why A Bitch Gotta Lie”
05 “Pss Pss”
06 “The Power That B”
07 “Beyond Alive”
08 “Centuries Of Damn”
09 “On GP”
10 “Death Grips 2.0″

(via Reddit)

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