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Japanese Screamo Sensation, Envy, Makes Its Triumphant Return with “Blue Moonlight”

Envy are one of the loudest bands on the planet as far as heavy music goes. So awe-inspiring is their sheer volume that everyone from Mogwai to Deafheaven to Touché Amoré has been influenced by the Japanese act's melodic yet crushing brand of screamo. For that reason we couldn't be more thrilled to premiere "Blue Moonlight," the opening track from Atheist's Cornea, the band's first full-length in five years.

Don't let the song's delicate introduction fool you. It immediately explodes into a shimmering, syncopated rocker that sounds so volatile that it might collapse on itself at any moment. Instead, it reaches toward the stratosphere via intensely strummed guitars and shifting rhythms that give it a sense of orchestral grandeur. We may have no idea what vocalist Tetsuya Fukagawa is saying but there's a level of urgency in his shrieks that transcend language.

Atheist's Cornea will be released by Temporary Residence Limited on July 10. You can pre-order it here.

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