James Murphy – “We Used To Dance”

Noah Baumbach’s upcoming film While We’re Young, due out 3/27, is about a couple of married, middle-aged creative types (Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts) whose lives are shaken up when they start hanging out with a pair of free-spirited young Brooklynites (Adam Driver and Amanda Seyfried). Yes, that all sounds very Noah Baumbach-y. Fellow ponderer of aging and obsolescence James Murphy scored the film, and we’ve already heard one song from that score. Now Murphy has shared another track, a lovely little ambient instrumental called “We Used To Dance.” That title probably has more to do with the characters in the film than Murphy himself, but it fits, as the song eschews danceable LCD Soundsystem-style thump in favor of arpeggiated underwater-synth squiggles anchored by a steady yet insistent pulse. Listen below.

The While We’re Young soundtrack is out 3/24 via Milan Records.

via Stereogum

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