Is Jay-Z Taking Shots At Drake On DJ Khaled’s Latest Track “Shining”

The internet is wondering if the Hip Hop legend is dissing the Canadian singer.


DJ Khaled‘s new song “Shining” has everyone talking about him again. Produced by Danja and co-written by PARTYNEXTDOOR, the track features Beyoncé and Jay Z,who took advantage of this oppertunity to throw a jab at Canadian rapper Drake.


Jay Z has nothing more to prove, that’s an established fact. The living legend of hip-hop who gave birth to “Reasonable Doubt” some twenty years ago seems to be after the younger generation, and more precisely, after Drake. This is in any case what some have deduced from his verse. The line in question is: “I shouldn’t even worry, backward niggas/12 solo albums, all platinum, nigga/I know you ain’t out here talking numbers, right?/I know you ain’t out here talking summers, right?/I know you ain’t walking ’round talking down/Saying boss shit when you a runner, right?”


Shawn Carter may be responding to the song “Sneakin” featuring 21 Savage, when talking about his many “summer hits” but also to the song “Summer Sixteen.” Before that, Drake had mentioned the following, “Before, I wanted to be signed on Roc-A-Fella, and then I became Jay.” Jay Z had retorted on the song “I Got the Keys”, by a scathing “Till you’re on your own you can not be me”


What do you think about the situation? Are we reading too much into it? Or does it all make sense? Give us your thoughts.

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