Is Eminem Teasing A New Album?

Far away from studios, Eminem could finally decide to return to rapping.


It was enough for a simple photograph to sow doubt. A few hours ago, Paul Rosenberg, the official manager of Eminem since the end of the 90s, published a photo on his Instagram account in which one sees him alongside his artist. But that’s not all, looking at the photograph more closely, it appears that Eminem has an inscriptionon on the hand, which seems to be a date: “April 7.”And already, some are mad and imagine the forthcoming release of a new album of Slim Shady. Four years after the release of “The Marshall Mathers LP 2”, there would actually be nothing surprising in that Em publishes a ninth studio album. Last October, when the song “Campaign Speech” was released (aimed directly at Donald Trump), the rapper had confirmed to his fans to work on a new album.


To give a little more credit to this hypothesis, remember that Em recently signed the rappers Westside Gunn and Conway on his label Shady Records, proof that he is still following the rap game very close. And if his microphone appearances can be counted on the fingers of a hand in recent years, he did at times sound like he never missed a beat and sounded like the old Eminem, especially on his most recent verse on Big Sean’s “No Favors.” It remains to be seen whether at 44, the legend of hip-hop is still able to create hits.

Mike Hawk
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