Hot Chip – “Why Make Sense?”

Hot Chip’s new album Why Make Sense? is coming in a couple of weeks, and we’ve already heard a handful of songs: “Huarache Lights,” “Need You Now,” “Burning Up.” And with the UK electing a new government today, they’ve chosen a pointed moment to share “Why Make Sense?,” the album’s title track. As Billboard points out, the band’s website has been made over to look like a tangled, garbled version of the Drudge Report, with words rearranged and misspelled. (If you’re in the UK, it’ll look like a mangled version of the BBC website instead.) And the site is also streaming “Why Make Sense?,” which has Alexis Taylor’s angelic voice floating above a truly chaotic bed of synthetic static. Check it out here.

Why Make Sense? is out 5/18 on Domino.

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