Honeyblood – “The Black Cloud”

Scottish duo Honeyblood introduced their brittle punk on last year’s self-titled debut, but they are back in 2015 with a vengeance. A few months ago they unleashed “No Big Deal” on the world. Sure, it pretends to swoon, but it’s all an act; this song’s gentle melody masks the process of kicking and bucking your way out of a going-nowhere-relationship. “The Black Cloud” might as well take place the day after that relationship finally dissolved. It’s a brash, bitter, dig-your-heels-in bit of crunch pop, the perfect kiss-off to those who won’t leave you free to wallow. But it still ends on a positive note: “All we want to see is blue skies!” the girls chant. Clouds usually dissipate on their own if you leave ‘em be. Listen below.

The “No Big Deal” b/w “The Black Cloud” 7″ is out 4/28 via Fat Cat, and as a special limited pressing of 750 copies for Record Store Day.

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