Helado Negro – “Young, Latin And Proud”

Ecuadorian-American producer Roberto Carlos Lange makes woozy, bewitching electronic pop as Helado Negro. Following last year’s excellent Double Youth, he’s just shared a new single, “Young, Latin and Proud.” That title makes it sound like a grandly celebratory anthem, but it’s something softer and dreamier than that, as Lange seductively purrs his identity-affirming lyrics over a sultry, almost dubby shuffle. “‘Young, Latin and Proud’ is a lullaby, a song of encouragement when you’re not really sure if you fit in with your surroundings,” Lange says. “It rocks you to sleep in your space hammock and lets you know to embrace the weird and beautiful that is being Young, Latin and Proud.” Listen below.

“Young, Latin And Proud” is out now via Other Music.

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