Heather Woods Broderick – “Up In The Pine”

Heather Woods Broderick has been quietly stringing together a slew of tracks off her new album Glider. Today she’s shared “Up In The Pine,” which follows up “A Call For Distance,” “Wyoming,” and “Mama Shelter.” I used to be an avid tree-climber when I was younger, and the longing in this song reminds me of how triumphant I’d feel when looking out at the view from the top of a branch. It captures the tension, too, between knowing the vantage from a branch isn’t possible on the ground, and knowing I’d have to go back down far too soon. There’s plenty of acoustic backbone in the track, but it’s the dreamier, sighing strings cropping up toward the end that really stick with you. Here is the uncanny power of Glider: I haven’t thought about the feeling of climbing a tree in maybe as long as a decade, and Broderick recalls it, along with many others things, in the short span of three evocative minutes. Listen below.

Glider is out 7/10 — this Friday — via Western Vinyl. Pre-order it here.

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