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Hear The Unreleased Second Verse Of Drake’s “Madonna”

Ronald Coleman, aka OG Ron C, carries on the Houston chopped and screwed tradition that DJ Screw created in the early ’90s. Coleman is taking on Drake’s new surprise mixtape/album If You’re Reading This It’s Late, and to preview his slowed-down version — aptly dubbed If You’re Choppin This It’s Too Late — he’s shared a torqued version of the track “Madonna.” But aside from hearing Drake’s voice in an unnatural lower register you can also hear a brand new verse tacked onto the chopped version. In the previously unheard verse Drake continues his directives, telling the could-be-popstar-old-flame not to get too dressed up and to remind him where she lives. Listen below (circa 3:33).

Also, as Miss Info points out, users of the KanyeToThe forum sped OG Ron C’s version of “Madonna” (including the second verse) back up to normal speed:

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