Hear Peter Bjorn And John Debut Two New Songs In A World Cafe Session

Peter Bjorn And John hadn’t released any new music in four years until last April when they shared “High Up (Take Me To The Top,” a song that appeared on the INGRID Volym 2 compilation. The band still hasn’t given any word on when their next full-length album will out — it would be their first since 2011’s Gimme Some — but they did recently debut two new tracks for a World Cafe live session in Stockholm. They videotaped one of the new songs, called “Do Si Do,” which you can watch below. Another new one, “Breaking Point,” can only be heard on the NPR website.

The band also shared some words about the new track in a press release:

“Do-si-do’ is a sort of sequel to the Writers Block-classic ‘Paris 2004’ in being a ‘folkish’ (this time Abba-esque disco-folk, but still) holiday travelogue track, picturing romance, either in a blissful present state (the former song) or in trouble (this time, situated in New York), facing hiccups or even a full on halt (the story never tells), when the past catches up on the pair and casts dark shadows. Like a rowdy sea-chant or cowboy-song it seeks resolution in drink and dance with the downing of drinks and square dancing giving handy metaphors to the state of affairs.

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