Hear “Fly Away” From Cubist Blues Reissue Feat. Alex Chilton, Alan Vega, & Ben Vaughn

Back in December 1994, Big Star’s Alex Chilton, Suicide’s Alan Vega, and Ben Vaughn got together for two nights at Dessau Studios in New York and recorded an album called Cubist Blues. The supergroup trio went on to perform only two shows, one at Mercury Lounge in New York and another at the Trans Musicales Festival in France, two years after the project first came together. After that, as these things go, the band — if it could ever really be referred to as such — went back to their separate projects, and the album was lost to time. Most of the tracks have been floating around the internet since, curiosities for diehards of their respective bands, but Light In The Attic and Munster Records are giving the album a proper reissue for what they’re calling the Cubist Blues Archival Series.

It’ll feature the remastered original album, recordings of both of their live performances, and new liner notes featuring an interview with Vega and Vaughn, conducted by Lindsay Hutton. “At the time, I didn’t realize how unique the Cubist Blues experience was,” Vaughn said in the new interview. “Looking back, it was magic to work with those guys.”

Vega adds: “I showed up with lyrics for one song and figured we would see what happened. Little did I know, we would record for hours and hours. By the last song, my brain was burning up. I literally felt myself on fire. I was depleted. Yet, we could have gone on and on.”

You can listen to “Fly Away,” a track from the release, below.

01 “Fat City”
02 “Fly Away”
03 “Freedom”
04 “Candyman”
05 “Come On Lord”
06 “Promised Land”
07 “Lover Of Love”
08 “Sister”
09 “Too Late”
10 “Do Not Do Not”
11 “The Werewolf”
12 “Dream Baby Revisited”

Cubist Blues is out 9/4 via Light In The Attic/Munster Records. Preorder it here.

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