Hazel English – “It’s Not Real”

Oakland-based Aussie native Hazel English burst onto the scene with a sun-soaked summer debut, “Never Going Home” that quickly caught listeners’ attention. English’s second single, “It’s Not Real,” continues with a welcome breath and sunkissed tone. The track evokes a dreamier, female-fronted version of Beach Fossils with its soft, hazy lo-fi glow and gently jangly guitar. It’s a warm, comfortable indie-pop track made for the endless search of an impossible ideal in the wide open sky. Here’s what English had to say about the song:

This song is about the pursuit of perfection and how easy it is to lose yourself in the process, so I wrote it as a kind of warning to myself, to keep it real.

She’s got a strong sense of self, and you can already identify that in her first two songs. Listen to her beachy new track below.

Expect more from Hazel English out soon.

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