Hamilton Leithauser & Paul Maroon – “How And Why”

Sometime later this month, Hamilton Leithauser and Paul Maroon, two former members of the Walkmen, will release Dear God, a vinyl-only album that they’re only selling on Etsy. We’ve already posted their song “Proud Irene,” and now they’ve shared another new one called “How And Why.” It’s a sort of drunken backroom piano ballad, the sort of thing you can imagine the two of them banging out in a bar at closing time, and it really builds on the Walkmen’s whole sozzled-gentleman demeanor. Leithauser has one of the greatest voices in indie rock, and it’s a privilege to hear him singing something this simple and this lovely, accompanied by nothing but a reverbed-out piano. Listen below.

Dear God is coming sometime in late August, and you can only get it at Etsy.

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