HÆLOS – “The Sun’s Rising” (The Beloved Cover)

The London trio HÆLOS, the newest addition to the Matador Records roster, make meditative, sweeping music, drawing on trip-hop and Sade and synthpop without ever fitting into any neat subgenre. To introduce themselves to the world, they’re covering a song that did many of the same things a few decades ago. “The Sun Rising” was a 1989 hit for the British group the Beloved, and it combined rave sonics with gloomy atmosphere with the sort of panache that nobody has equaled since. The HÆLOS cover adds some of the cinematic, romantic expansiveness we’ve heard in recent years from groups like Rhye, and it does the original track proud. Below, listen to the HÆLOS cover and check out the video for the original, a truly great song that you should know if you don’t.

HÆLOS’ Earth Not Above EP is out 6/1 on Matador.

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