Goblin Rebirth – “Book Of Skulls”

Goblin Rebirth emerged out of the storied, now-defunct Italian prog band Goblin, whose rise to fame in the 1970s was due partly because they scored several movies by horror filmmaker Dario Argento. Goblin temporarily got back together in the late 2000s before disbanding again soon after. Goblin Rebirth includes two of the band’s original members (the rhythm section comprising drummer Agostino Marangolo and bassist Fabio Pignatelli), and the quintet is slated to release their self-titled album at the end of the month on the massive metal label Relapse Records. We’ve already seen an album teaser and heard its first single “Requiem X,” and now fans have been graced with the new winding, instrumental song “Book Of Skulls.” The keyboard work on this single is a lush, macabre organ serenade; give it a listen below.

Goblin Rebirth is out 6/29 on Relapse.

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