Girls Names – “Zero Triptych”

Irish post-punk quartet Girls Names have been in “a zone of silence and of pure possibilities for a new beginning” for about a year and half, but it seems they’ve been anything but idle. After switching from the looser surf vibes of 2011’s Dead To Me to the melancholy ’80s New Wave of 2013’s The New Life, and transitioning from a lineup shuffle, the band is ambitiously venturing into reinventive soundscapes again with the new single “Zero Triptych.” The whirring post-punk feel of The New Life is still there, but more as an omnipresent undertone which gives way to pysch-rock guitar strokes, menacing synths full of static, and atmospheric vocals. The track is lengthy at 11 minutes, but there are so many different moments to get lost in that it flies by. Listen below.

The “Zero Triptych” 12″ is out 5/11 via Tough Love. 150 copies are available for preorder here.

via Stereogum

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