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Get Taken To A Fourth Dimension With Gabe Almeda’s Remix Of VÉRITÉ

Progressive house has become one of the most competitive markets for a new artist to enter. The genre is already commandeered by a handful of titanic artists that have been in the game for years, and there is a tier of acts just below that are just as established. However, a pristine, quality sound can always make an impact in the most saturated of markets. Out of Philadelphia, Gabe Almeda may be a name you soon know because his newest remix will give you the chills.

Taking on VÉRITÉ’s “Wasteland,” George Almeda applies the “emotion through sound” mantra he lives by. Stringing together ethereal melodies, effervescent synths, and a chilling kick laid underneath, the Philly-based newcomer goes beyond creating the typical track, and instead, he creates an emotional experience through his production efforts. Put George Almeda on your radar because he may be one of the most promising, progressive house newcomers we’ve seen in a while. You can download his remix of VÉRITÉ’s “Wasteland” here.


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