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Georgia Sounds Like The Knife Partying with MIA: Here’s Her Video For “Move Systems”

Directed by Rollo Jackson (Angel Haze, Danny Brown, Hot Chip, Squarepusher.)

I suppose I'm predisposed to liking this video because the majority of it is shot in Pak's, a vast cosmetics store in Dalston, East London, a place I used to spend an inordinate amount of time in because they stocked hair dye in all the colors of the rainbow, plus every wig you could ever want—and I wanted all of them. They were hung from the walls like scalps or perched on body-less mannequin heads all in an unblinking row. Makonnen would love Pak's.

In any case, it's a great place to shoot a video, especially late at night because it's colorful and creepy. Domino's latest signing, Georgia, dances around the store, in a salon, and an empty pool hall in her debut video for "Move Systems"—all of which is intercut with her hoodied up, smashing skins under a spotlight, her hi-hat hoiked to the heavens like John Stanier in Battles. 

The verse sounds like MIA, the chorus sounds like The Knife, and the North West London singer looks like your classic round the way girl. The kind of girl who had all the hook ups in high school (or sixth form, depending on where you went to school), and who you could probably find smoking a quick joint under the bleachers (or a spliff behind the bike shed) when she was supposed to be in chem class. 

She's creating the kind of clattering—over ominous synths—that really gets under your skin. When Georgia orders you to "Move!" it's easy to acquiesce. 

Also, nice baby doll DMs. 

The singer and multi-instrumentalist will be be dropping her self-produced record later this year (probably), but if you want more for now you can immerse yourself in last year's EP Come In, below. 
It's weird pop, agressively synthy and alien in places, but still heartfelt and totally 4real.

Kim likes Duane Reade but misses Pak's. She's on Twitter. 

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