Future – “Trap Niggas” Video

Future debuted the video for his song “Trap Niggas” today, exactly a week after he released one for “Where I Come From.” “Trap Niggas” is on Future & DJ Esco’s most recent mixtape 56 Nights, and the accompanying video co-stars the ATL-based rappers Key! and ManManSavage. The executive producer of the short film, Propane, explained some of the symbolism to be found throughout, lending the seemingly mundane video new meaning:

ManMan, he plays the character of the trap nigga in the video… 21 Savage comes and picks him up and they bust a jugg. Once the second verse starts, they come right down the driveway and they walk up the steps. You see Key! standing there with his hands together, praying. But in the next shot, ManMan walks in and Key is not sitting there. Key! is playing the role of an angel, watching over the trap niggas. It was gonna go real deep, if he had the budget to go real deep and crazy.

Watch below.

(via Fader)

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