Future – “Fuck Up Some Commas (Remix)” (Feat. Rick Ross & Big Sean)

“Fuck Up Some Commas” is the rather obvious club-banger off Future’s Monster mixtape, and though I’m still reeling over how incredible this all-Spanish version is, Rick Ross and Big Sean jumped on a remix of the English version today. You’ve gotta hand it to Future, “fuck up some commas” is the coolest euphemism for spending money possibly… ever? Even when I want to be mad at this dude for cheating on Ciara, his relentless mixtape and video grind earns back my begrudging respect — besides, she’s dating Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson now. Anyway, Rick Ross delivers a fairly predictable verse or two about white girls, Maybachs, cocaine, and eating pussy, and Big Sean raps, once again, about how he used to drive a Honda. Future is relegated to hook duty and his wonderful staccato section has been cut, but the good news about this remix is it’ll probably give this song a huge boost on the radio, which is where it belongs. Listen.

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