Free Cake For Every Creature – “The Day To Day”

Most of the friends we make in life are meant to be there for a finite amount of time. Fate or whatever nudges two people together and lets you go through certain experiences together. They help you grow, you help them as well, and then we drift onto the next experience and the next friend. Obviously there are exceptions to this rule, but I can think of about a dozen people offhand who have made a profound impact on my life that I rarely talk to anymore. In most cases, nothing “happened” — besides growing up — it’s just that we lost touch, moved onto different stages in our lives, met new people. That’s what Katie Bennett’s captures on “The Day To Day,” the latest track from her upcoming Free Cake For Every Creature tape Moving Songs. Her characteristically clean strumming and hurried wordplay here are punctuated by yelps and woo-hoos, a celebration of moving on in life while still knowing that person that helped you so much is existing somewhere out there. “I wish you happiness, but now you don’t exist on my plane,” she sings. “You’re still my friend, even though we lost each other in the day to day.” The track ends on a forlorn note, a callback to her last single. Listen below.

Tour Dates (all w/ Trace Mountains):
3/26 Brooklyn, NY @ Shea Stadium w/ Florist & Told Slant
3/27 New Paltz, NY @ Team Love
3/28 Saratoga Springs, NY @ Spring St Gallery
3/29 Hudson, NY @ Spotty Dog
3/30 Poughkeepsie, NY @ Vassar College
3/31 New Brunswick, NJ @ Circuit City

Moving Songs is out 3/31 via Double Double Whammy. Preorder the tape here.

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