Fred Thomas – “Every Song Sung To A Dog” (Feat. Andrew W.K.)

Death never gets any fucking easier to deal with. Whether it’s a dog or a person, if you love someone then losing them feels inexplicable no matter how old you are or how much preparation you have for the inevitable. Actually, one of the only things that has helped me cope with my own losses is listening to music, and Fred Thomas new song “Every Song Sung To A Dog” is specific enough to fit itself to the particular pain of losing a dearly-loved puppy. Over the din of dissonant brass noise, Thomas sing-talks with the emotional vehemence of Craig Finn, and the poignant, naked tone of the song definitely evokes the Hold Steady overall. With positivity’s finest ambassador, Andrew W.K., on backing vocals, Thomas blasts through memories in the territorial, clutching way we do when something slips away. “Every Song Sung To A Dog” looms in limbo, anticipating the end and bursting forth in eternal homage to the bond we share with dogs. I think this just replaced Frankie Cosmos’ “Sad 2” as my favorite song that mourns a canine. Listen below, and if it’s your first time hearing a song from Thomas’ new album, also check out “Bad Blood” and “Cops Don’t Care Pt. II.”

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All Are Saved is out 4/7 via Polyvinyl.

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