Frankie Broyles – “Capturer”

One of the greatest indie rock bands of this generation, Deerhunter, is made up of members that (almost) all have their own respective side projects. Bradford Cox has Atlas Sound, guitarist Lockett Pundt has Lotus Plaza, drummer Moses Archuleta has Moon Diagrams, and now guitarist Frankie Broyles is putting out tunes of his own. (Josh McKay–you’re the only one left–it’s your turn). The difference is Broyles is leaving the band to focus on his solo endeavor full-time. Broyles’ hypnotic new song “Capturer,” off his upcoming 7″, is filled with lush guitar sounds and minimal, haunting vocals. Any Deerhunter fan will likely approve. Listen below.

The Frankie Broyles 7″ is out 8/21 on Lefse. You can pre-order it here.

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