Foxygen – “24 Hour Lover Man”

Foxygen’s “Farewell Tour” is currently underway, though it’s still not clear if that means Foxygen are breaking up or if it’s just the end of their “…And Star Power” incarnation. Either way, the band has just shared a truly bizarre new song. “24 Hour Lover Man” is a sloppy, lo-fi mess that samples Jimi Hendrix’s “Manic Depression” and includes a whole lot of lyrics about being good at fucking. Sample lyric: “I’m David Bowie / Maniacal, Exxon to Mobile / Fucked up in Calabases fucked up in Barnes and Noble, boy / Heard your man can’t last too long / Drinks three beers and falls asleep before you cum.” Also: “I’m on some post-Ezra Koenig fuckin North Face bullshit boyfriend / 24 hour lover man baby.” Also: “Drake’s nice but he ain’t got rhymes like I fucked Freddy Kreuger’s eyeballs while listening to Black Dice on ecstasy.” Listen to this thing below.

(via Pitchfork)

Manic depression’s a frustrating mess.

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