Fort Romeau – “All I Want” (First Listen)

If you’re going to listen to Fort Romeau, make sure to turn it way up. London producer Mike Greene is more concerned with the internal than the external, and his songs are accordingly coiled tight, with layers and layers lurking right below the surface. You might miss some of the yearning on “All I Want” unless it’s so loud that it’s pulsing through your earbuds or (preferably) your surround sound. There’s warm Chicago nostalgia nestled up to itchy hi-hat rhythms and a slowly-building, insistent vocal sample that remains wordless over the song’s eight minute span. That voice disappears and resurfaces like the track’s heartbeat, driving it to the eventual, subdued conclusion. Listen below.

Insides is out 3/31 on Ghostly.

via Stereogum

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