Eddie Murphy Has A New Reggae Song Called “Oh Jah Jah”

Eddie Murphy was once the world’s biggest movie star, but that was a long time ago. These days, he doesn’t even crank out bad cartoonish comedies the way he once did; the last one, A Thousand Words, came out in 2012. And his appearance on the SNL 40 special was the oddest thing that happened during that whole marathon, mostly because he didn’t bother to prepare anything funny. But Murphy has plenty of time lately for one thing: Making reggae! Apparently, we all missed the fact that he teamed up with Snoop Lion for a song called “Red Light” in 2013. And he’s also teaming up with Beenie Man for a new single sometime soon. On top of all that, he now has an extremely low-budget video for a new track called “Oh Jah Jah,” on which he sings about police brutality in a fake Jamaican accent. It’s a perfectly passable, if unremarkable, reggae song. And the strangest thing about it is how sincere it is. If you didn’t know that you were watching one of his generation’s finest comedy minds, you might think this was your friend’s uncle fucking around in his garage on a Sunday. Watch the “Oh Jah Jah” video below.

“Oh Jah Jah” is out at iTunes right now. Shout out to the original Eddie Murphy reggae jam, the 1993 Shabba Ranks collab “I Was A King.”

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