Drake’s “More Life” Album Not An Apple Music Exclusive?


Good news for all non Apple Music users.


Drake is the most streamed artist of all time and his last album Views was streamed over 3 billion times. Last time his album dropped it was an exclusive on Apple Music for a week before it dropped on Spotify. The streaming service companies have been battling ever since to make sure that doesn’t happen again. This time around, according to HDD, Drake might not be taking the same route which is big news for everyone who is not an Apple Music subscriber.


This makes sense, since Drake’s numbers would be a lot higher for his opening week due to a larger audience being able to play it.


Last Year, Universal Music Group’s CEO announced that he was not happy about these streaming service exclusives, and that artists signed to Universal and its sub-labels would not be participating in these exclusive deals anymore. Drake is currently under Young Money, which is distributed by Republic Records and owned by Universal.


So far, the tracks “Fake Love,” “Two Birds One Stone” and “Sneakin,” which dropped back in October and are part of the album have been streamed over 390 million times.



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