Drake Says Meek Mill Definitely Regrets Dissing Him

Drake says Meek acted on impulse and that he definitely made a huge mistake.


In an interview with DJ Semtex on Beats 1 Radio, when asked about the whole Meek Mill beef he said “Go ask Meek, I’m sure he regrets doing it”. Drake also says Meek acted on impulse over something that was said about Nicki Minaj.



He also explains how Meek didn’t have to start anything and that he was spreading rumors that he didn’t write his own lyrics. Drake took this very personally and had o retaliate.


“When someone tries go hurt your career by spreading rumors with no basis is like trying to take food off your family’s plate.” He also adds that he prides himself off writing his own lyrics and that he would never let anyone write for him because he says “nobody writes better than me.”


Drake is releasing his More Life album on Beats 1 OVO Sound Radio right now so stay tuned and listen to the full interview.

Mike Hawk
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