Drake Previews Another Song In London

Another day, another new Drake song preview from his upcoming More Life playlist.


Drake rapping to his new song In London

It seems like Drake has been everywhere in the UK lately. He’s been popping up at venues all around London. He made another appearence this weekend where he played a new song for those who were lucky enough to be attending.


In the first clip you could hear Drake rapping along to the lyrics, “Must’ve never had your phone tapped, all that yapping on the phone shit/You must really love that (?) life, all that ‘never coming home shit.”

The second clip reveals Drizzy rapping over fellow Canadian producer Murda Beatz. “If it’s a chit chat ting betta talk nice. Murda on the beat so it’s not nice,” Drake raps, confirming the latter.


Also, yesterday on an interview on Apple Music OVO Sound Radio, Drake and his crew said next week’s OVO Sound Radio episode would be a very very special one, so tune in live as he will probably be dropping his album then.

Mike Hawk
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