Drake Mentions Chris Brown During London Show, Breezy Responds

Drake namedrops Chris Brown on his Boy Meets World Tour last night.

Drake Tells Crowd To Turn Up During London Show

Nowadays, it is hard to mention Chris Brown‘s name without expecting a reaction from the artist. It is also known that London has one of the most disinterested crowds among others if a performer does not meet certain standards. Combining both is a disaster waiting to happen.


During the Boy Meets World Tour in London, Drake went on by preaching to the fans. He was disappointed that the people were not
“turnt” enough. This being said, Drake should have been expecting this sort of interaction from the people.


However, he goes on by saying, “I think you a little tense tonight. You acting like this sh*t is like some Omarion, Chris Brown sultry sh*t. This not that kind of show. I’m a turnt up n*gga!”


In this case, Drake was professional about his name drop. He does not bring anyone down. He just simply suggests that the type of music he is playing is not mellow like anything Chris Brown would present. That the crowd should be acting in a certain manner as a response to his musical performance.


Obviously, Chris Brown does not take this very well. He automatically feels targeted and decides to respond by publishing a video in reaction to what was said on Instagram.

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