Drake Is The Artist Of The Year According To Worldwide Sales

Drake named artist of the year 2016, in terms of sales, streams and downloads.

Drake breaks all the streaming records in 2016

Since 2013, the IFPI gives its list of top 10 most listened artists of the year. To establish these rankings, they calculate all the means of consumption (streaming, downloads and physical sales). And this year it is Drake who holds the top spot, breaking all previous records set by Adele (2015) and Taylor Swift (2014).


The year 2016 has definitely been his and so far, even in 2017, the music gods continue to smile down at him. Drake, not only holds the hearts of the young ladies that he capsizes, he holds the numbers, too. The past year has been a record year for the Canadian. Views was the first album to reach a billion of streams on Apple Music, and One Dance, the second single of the album was the first song streamed over a billion times on Spotify. As for the Hotline Bling song, it exceeded a billion views on Youtube.


Check out the full list of Top 10 Global Recording Artists of 2016 below:

  1. Drake
  2. David Bowie
  3. Coldplay
  4. Adèle
  5. Justin Bieber
  6. Twenty One Pilots
  7. Beyoncé
  8. Rihanna
  9. Prince
  10. The Weeknd
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