Drake Is Less Than 2 Weeks Away From Finishing “More Life”

Drake is putting the finishing touches on his upcoming Apple Music playlist.


Drake gives update on new album

Last week, Drake hinted that his album would be out before the end of the month and it looks like he’s keeping his word. At his show in Leeds last night, he told the crowd that he was very close to finishing the playlist.


Drake told the crowd:


“I’m excited because I’m about like a week and a half, two weeks away from finishing this project I’m working on called More Life, so you know what that means right? All that means is, I get to drop a new project, and at some point I get to come back and be with my people in Leeds one more motherfucking time.”


We still don’t have a set date for the impending playlist but keep checking back because if we’ve learned anything from Drake in the past it’s that If You’re Reading This, Its Too Late, he can drop it without any announcement.

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