Drake Could Be Remixing SahBabii’s “Pull Up Wit Ah Stick”

Drake has a tendency of hopping on up-and-coming rappers songs and making them explode, which might be the case with Atlanta rapper SahBabii‘s buzzing record, “Pull Up Wit Ah Stick.”


Here’s the story according to Acton Entertainment. 


Young Thug flew out SahBabii while on the Boy Meets World Tour in Europe, where SahBabii spoke with Drizzy, who told him he was gonna do a remix to his recent track.


“Yeah, he said he gon’ put a verse on that mothafucka,” SahBabii says in the interview, which you can watch below. “That shit gon’ go crazy. Y’all already know what’s bouta happen.”


SahBabii also explains how he wasn’t even feeling the song in the beginning but it grew on him when he saw how well it was doing. “At first, I really didn’t even care for the song,” he says. “But people got to sharing it on IG, and I seen how it was blowing up on the explore page, and I said fuck it. I’mma put it on my mixtape and shit. I’m surprised. I ain’t know it was gon’ do no numbers like that.”

Mike Hawk
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