Drake – “Back To Back Freestyle”

Drake responded to Meek Mill’s ghostwriting allegations over the weekend with “Charged Up,” perhaps the floatiest diss track in rap history. Funkmaster Flex promised he’d have Meek Mill’s response track Monday night on Hot 97, but all that materialized that evening was 15 seconds of Meek cackling, which made Flex somewhat of a laughingstock and left the rap world wondering if this controversy was ready to flicker to a conclusion. Drake, though, seems to have more to say. He’s just released “Back To Back Freestyle,” a less passive, more aggressive tirade against Meek. His justification? “When I look back, I might be mad that I gave this attention / But it’s weighing heavy on my conscience / And fuck, you left the boy no options.” Fair enough, 6 god. Most of the insults here center on Meek’s relationship with Nicki Minaj: “This ain’t what she meant when she told you to open up more,” for instance, plus suggestions that Meek should get a prenup if he marries Minaj and that eventually she’ll send Meek back to the friend zone. He also references the Meek response track that never happened: “I did another one, I did another one / You still ain’t did shit about the other one / Got the drink in me going back to back.” This still isn’t the disemboweling the world was hoping to get out of this rivalry, but it’s a step up from “Charged Up.” On the other hand, it’s unclear why Drake felt the need to get in the last word when he already had the last word. Hear it for yourself below.

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