Downtown Boys – “Future Police”

Downtown Boys smacked us upside the head a few weeks ago when they released their enormous, cathartic single “Monstro” off of their forthcoming LP Full Communism. They’re a young band making the kind of informed, politically-charged punk that’s definitely not missing in contemporary music, but lacks a strong platform upon which to spout ideas from. Downtown Boys don’t need a platform — their music is so fucking loud that its opinions ring out to the high heavens, knocking down any stray “neutral” parties in their wake. When I caught the Providence-based band’s opening set for Screaming Females at the Silent Barn earlier this month, lead singer Victoria Ruiz introduced “Future Police” as a stand against current oppressive powers that be, as well as the systematic tyranny of hegemonic social structures to come. Delivered in a minute in half, its lyrics are a snarling and pointed critique bolted in place by joint vocals and the kind of antagonistic sax arrangements that make me wish I didn’t give the instrument up when I thought it wasn’t “punk enough.” Listen to “Future Police” below.

(via Paper Mag)

Full Communism is out 5/4 via Don Giovanni.

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