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Download Lil Boosie Every Ghetto, Every City Vol. 1 Mixtape

Last year, the great Baton Rouge rapper Lil Boosie came home from a long prison stay and released Life After Deathrow, one of last year’s best mixtapes. Over the weekend, he followed it up with a new tape called Every Ghetto, Every City Vol. 1. Unlike Life After Deathrow, this one isn’t a personal statement. It’s more an excuse to introducer Boosie’s new crew, the Bad Azz Music Syndicate, a bunch of dudes who can rap pretty well. But Boosie is on an incredible run lately, and every verse he snarls out is worth your time. This tape has plenty of them, and it also offers the chance to hear Boosie alongside guests 50 Cent and Migos, both of whom sound weirdly right next to Boosie. Check out the whole tape below.

Download Every Ghetto, Every City Vol. 1 at Livemixtapes.

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