Dornik – “Stand In Your Line” (First Listen)

R&B producer Dornik has been on a slow grind. More than two summers ago, Disclosure and Jessie Ware were early fans of one of his first-ever songs, “Something About You,” probably because he’s their label mate on PMR Records. Actually, Dornik began his career as Ware’s drummer, but she wasn’t content to leave him behind a kit after she heard a few of his quietly-kept demos. She helped shove him into the spotlight, and after a slow-burn, we’re finally getting a full album of his impressionistic, thoughtful R&B. The soulful UK musician’s self-titled debut album will be out 8/7. And in case you’re wondering how he came up with his moniker, it’s the result of cobbling together the names of his parents Dorothy and Nikita. Two years ago, I couldn’t help but compare his voice to Michael Jackson, and that touchstone is just as clear on his brand new track that we’re premiering today “Stand In Your Line.” It’s not just his voice either, but the crisp high hats and buttery harmonies evoke that whole era of late ’80s R&B gone pop. Listen below and if you like what you hear, check out his other early single “Rebound.”

Dornik is out 8/7 on PMR.

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