Doe Paoro – “The Wind” (Feat. Adam Rhodes)

A few years ago, we named Brooklyn singer-songwriter Doe Paoro a Band To Watch for her collection of raw, stylistically varied tracks and otherworldly vocal approach. The Guy Blakeslee collab “Traveling” was our first preview of Paoro’s upcoming album for Anti-, and now she’s shared a second, a moody electronic single written during the onslaught of Hurricane Sandy. “The Wind” features a delicately emotive vocal from both Paoro and songwriting partner Adam Rhodes and production from none other than Justin Vernon of Bon Iver. It balances the natural and artificial components convincingly, layering Paoro’s stretchy, vocoded pipes over what sounds like a minimalistic Ableton demo. The track gives the feeling of being stranded in a storm, momentarily disconnected from the rest of humanity. Hear the song below.

(via Noisey)

Still no title or release date for Paoro’s album, but it will be out sometime this year on Anti-.

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