DJ Mustard – “Why’d You Call?” (Feat. Ty Dolla $ign & Makonnen)

Some booty calls are welcome things, the easy, mindless way to hook up with someone you don’t really care about in any deep way. Other late night calls, though, come with their own emotional baggage. Over a DJ Mustard beat, Ty Dolla $ign and Makonnen get bitter and emotional about the latter, the kind of call from an ex that can fuck up your whole night. Hearing Makonnen delve into this kind of sad material is pretty standard, and he handles the hook: “Why’d you call / If you’ve got other numbers to dial? / Why’d you call / Just to play with my heart?” It’s Ty Dolla $ign’s verses that really cut deep here, though, partially because he usually raps about meaningless, wonderful sex, so hearing him mourn a breakup is a totally foreign sensation. It would actually be really funny to hear this song in the club because in that scenario plenty of people would probably be embroiled in the very situation “Why’d You Call?” details. Hey, it’s still a Mustard beat, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it made some playlists this weekend. Listen below.

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