DJ Khaled Reveals Title For His Upcoming Album

Khaled dedicates forthcoming album title to his son.


DJ Khlaed has high hopes for his newborn son.

 DJ Khaled became a father on Oct. 23 2016 to a baby boy named Asahd Tuck Khaled. In Arabic, Asahd means lion, which is a promising title considering Khaled has reportedly claimed him the successor of the Khaled thrown.

Earlier today, through a live broadcast on Instagram, DJ Khaled held a press conference alongside Chance the Rapper and Diddy. Khaled took the opportunity to announce the new title of his next album entitled Grateful. He went on by confirming that his son, Asahd, will be the executive producer for this upcoming venture.


It is ironic that Chance the Rapper and Khaled appear in a press conference only a few days before the Grammy’s considering they are both up for the Best Rap Album of the Year for Colouring Book and Major Key, respectively.


It looks like the major key here is that DJ Khaled is Grateful for the birth of his son and whatever he can bring to his legacy.

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