Dilly Dally – “Purple Rage”

The Toronto-based band Dilly Dally can fit a universe of hurt inside a single track, turning feelings of inadequacy into brash, unapologetic music fronted by individuals who are unfazed by anyone’s fuckery. The band’s debut LP, Sore, will be out next month, and we’ve already heard its first single, “Desire.” Their new song, “Purple Rage,” is acerbic but affirming, and when Noisey asked vocalist Katie Monks about the intention behind the song, she said the following:

Anger is such a powerful emotion. This song is meant to be an anthem for channelling all the rage we have into something positive. When I have been badly hurt in the past, I am usually filled with a huge amount of energy. I always try to use that energy to make myself ‘stronger’ and ‘tougher.’ For me, that has meant working harder on the band and my art shit, quitting cigarettes cold turkey after being a pack a day smoker, dying my hair weird colours, investing more energy into my friends… all kinds of stuff. It’s kinda like you become a superhero version of yourself… and no one can fuck with you.

Sore is out 10/9 via Buzz Records/Partisan Records.

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