Desaparecidos – “The Left Is Right”

Conor Oberst’s politically motivated punk band Desaparecidos haven’t released an album since their great 2002 debut Read Music/Speak Spanish, but they’re coming roaring back later this month with Payola, their long-awaited sophomore effort. Much of the album is made up of songs they’ve released on 12″ singles over the past few years, but there are still fully-new songs there, and one of them is the anthemic album opener “The Left Is Right.” The song is Oberst’s shot at a fully armed take-the-country-back liberal rallying cry, and it stops just short of advocating the actual murder of rich people: “If one must die to save the 99 / Maybe it’s justified.” Check the song out below.

Payola is out 6/23 on Epitaph.

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