Deadmau5 Releases a New Song Following a Fan’s Challenege

Although disliked by many in the electronic music community for his outlandish remarks towards other producers and artists in the wider music community as a whole, it’s time like these where Deadmau5 can be an interactive and engaging musician who often interacts with fans in fun, unique ways. Deadmau5 was challenged by a fan on Twitter to produce a song with 7/8 3/4 13/16 measures, and took some time in his studio to actually create and release this song on his SoundCloud, or as he refers to it as in true Deadmau5 fashion via the below tweet, “Shitcloud.”

someone asked me on twitter to make a song with 7/8 3/4 13/16 measures…. so i did. and i guess this is what came of that.

Deadmau5 – 78341316


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